December 1st 2018

“25 will be my best year ever.” Day One. It’s crazy to say day one since, today is literally December 1st! The last month of this year, shit. Today’s day one of everything I’ve worked and have done for the past four years, literally ended. To be honest, at first that was depressing but toContinue reading “December 1st 2018”

Her, timing.

I am so thankful for timing. Never did I imagine that on thanksgiving day, I’d be thankful for moments, times, and situations that brought horror with it. Ive come to learn that pain, can be one of two things, and I am extremely proud of myself for recognizing the difference. My life has changed, inContinue reading “Her, timing.”

Avocado Toast ( vegan ingredients)

Like many others, you might be wondering, “ why do people even eat avocado toast”. Honestly, I only started to like avocados a couple months ago. I have become obsessed. Avocados are an amazing source of good fats, and avocado toast can be a nice breakfast and or lunch. Let’s get started with making ourContinue reading “Avocado Toast ( vegan ingredients)”