Her, timing.

I am so thankful for timing. Never did I imagine that on thanksgiving day, I’d be thankful for moments, times, and situations that brought horror with it. Ive come to learn that pain, can be one of two things, and I am extremely proud of myself for recognizing the difference. My life has changed, inContinue reading “Her, timing.”

Vlog Recipe: Tofu scramble w|sausage and peppers, with Chinese Broccoli in the side. #veganstyle

My first Vlog Recipe video, hope you guys enjoy this little video and it shows you that being vegan isn’t about eating like a rabbit! I really enjoyed this brunch and I hope you do too!

Diary Rant; this retrograde and it’s life lessons!

Honestly, I’m gonna start by saying, excuse my language pero, this retrograde has me all the way fucked up ( in a good way ). This entire, end of summer has been such a world wind. I literally cannot deal, but truly wish it would’ve happened sooner. So casually I’m cooking dinner, keep in mind,Continue reading “Diary Rant; this retrograde and it’s life lessons!”


My last relationship, became the biggest awakening for me. Spiritually, mentally, and honestly physically. Today, I woke up with a whole new attitude, a whole new demeanor. Today, I’m literally a bomb ass bitch. And it’s not to say that you cannot achieve this, on your own, alone. This is just what for me, literallyContinue reading “AwakeningMyHappy.”

The Contribution; to the Lost Love, of Our Black Kings.

Growth rarely ever comes from being in a happy place, and I truly believe everyone is put in certain situations so that they can feel, connect, and see the actual meaning behind things for themselves. For a long time, I’ve felt connected, to a world that made me feel alone. I took every situation, criedContinue reading “The Contribution; to the Lost Love, of Our Black Kings.”