Do your emotions, make you spiral?

Its no secret that I have more than a handful of traumas, but it might be a huge secret to some, how those actually affect my day to day life. I am 24 years old, and I married my husband, when I was 23. A lot of people say, that I was too young, andContinue reading “Do your emotions, make you spiral?”

A mom at the beach, with her husband and kids.

Today life hit me, and it hit me hard straight across the face. I couldn’t pin point what was wrong with me, so I googled, do i have a mental illness? Every single mistake, every single choice I’ve made, every single moment from my past that scarred me, came all at once. I can’t lie,Continue reading “A mom at the beach, with her husband and kids.”

How I turnt Zumba into a strength after a trigger.

T R I G G E R ( this is a video from that moment and day ) First I’m gonna start by saying to my fellow survivors, go the fuck in you beautiful warrior. This post is about July 5th 2018, at 7:45pm. I decided to take a Zumba class at the edge fitness.Continue reading “How I turnt Zumba into a strength after a trigger.”