Diary Rant; this retrograde and it’s life lessons!

Honestly, I’m gonna start by saying, excuse my language pero, this retrograde has me all the way fucked up ( in a good way ). This entire, end of summer has been such a world wind. I literally cannot deal, but truly wish it would’ve happened sooner. So casually I’m cooking dinner, keep in mind,Continue reading “Diary Rant; this retrograde and it’s life lessons!”


My last relationship, became the biggest awakening for me. Spiritually, mentally, and honestly physically. Today, I woke up with a whole new attitude, a whole new demeanor. Today, I’m literally a bomb ass bitch. And it’s not to say that you cannot achieve this, on your own, alone. This is just what for me, literallyContinue reading “AwakeningMyHappy.”

The Contribution; to the Lost Love, of Our Black Kings.

Growth rarely ever comes from being in a happy place, and I truly believe everyone is put in certain situations so that they can feel, connect, and see the actual meaning behind things for themselves. For a long time, I’ve felt connected, to a world that made me feel alone. I took every situation, criedContinue reading “The Contribution; to the Lost Love, of Our Black Kings.”

A Letter; to my Uber drivers Westport Girlfriend

Girl, I just want to say to you, I’m pretty sure you’re about to get engaged. I was casually talking with your boyfriend, about it taking him a while to move out of his neighborhood. He saved, invested, etc. He also told me he lived in Westport, now for me Westport is for families. SoContinue reading “A Letter; to my Uber drivers Westport Girlfriend”

Communication journey step 1! Acknowledgement.

Communication, probably one of the hardest things, for most people. Growing up, I never felt I had the opportunity to express, reflex, and communicate my needs and wants. I’m way better at writing, than I am at speaking out loud, especially in the heat of the emotion. I’ve never been able to say how IContinue reading “Communication journey step 1! Acknowledgement.”