The Contribution; to the Lost Love, of Our Black Kings.

Growth rarely ever comes from being in a happy place, and I truly believe everyone is put in certain situations so that they can feel, connect, and see the actual meaning behind things for themselves. For a long time, I’ve felt connected, to a world that made me feel alone. I took every situation, criedContinue reading “The Contribution; to the Lost Love, of Our Black Kings.”

A Letter; to my Uber drivers Westport Girlfriend

Girl, I just want to say to you, I’m pretty sure you’re about to get engaged. I was casually talking with your boyfriend, about it taking him a while to move out of his neighborhood. He saved, invested, etc. He also told me he lived in Westport, now for me Westport is for families. SoContinue reading “A Letter; to my Uber drivers Westport Girlfriend”

Communication journey step 1! Acknowledgement.

Communication, probably one of the hardest things, for most people. Growing up, I never felt I had the opportunity to express, reflex, and communicate my needs and wants. I’m way better at writing, than I am at speaking out loud, especially in the heat of the emotion. I’ve never been able to say how IContinue reading “Communication journey step 1! Acknowledgement.”

Do your emotions, make you spiral?

Its no secret that I have more than a handful of traumas, but it might be a huge secret to some, how those actually affect my day to day life. I am 24 years old, and I married my husband, when I was 23. A lot of people say, that I was too young, andContinue reading “Do your emotions, make you spiral?”

A mom at the beach, with her husband and kids.

Today life hit me, and it hit me hard straight across the face. I couldn’t pin point what was wrong with me, so I googled, do i have a mental illness? Every single mistake, every single choice I’ve made, every single moment from my past that scarred me, came all at once. I can’t lie,Continue reading “A mom at the beach, with her husband and kids.”