December 10th 2018

Although this is super random, I really want to talk about this, so here we go! So when are we all gonna stop pretending, to all have our shit together? Like it’s not okay to struggle? Fall off, get lost, being fucking damaged? No matter the age, a lot of us are unhealed broken kids.Continue reading “December 10th 2018”

December 8th 2018

actually written 12/11 trying to catch up here! I’ve been spending some time trying to figure out what is love, what I deserve from it, and what I think it should kind of be like. I’ve never actually with my own two eyes, seen a healthy adult relationship, without anger, damage, a guard up, andContinue reading “December 8th 2018”

December 3rd 2018

Happy Birthday Old Man. Unknowingly, I keep seeing that it’s my fathers birthday today. I’m not really sure how to feel, when it goes to this subject, I tend to block it out most times. My father turned 50 today, and I am 25 years old today. I can’t remember the last birthday, him andContinue reading “December 3rd 2018”

Diary Rant; this retrograde and it’s life lessons!

Honestly, I’m gonna start by saying, excuse my language pero, this retrograde has me all the way fucked up ( in a good way ). This entire, end of summer has been such a world wind. I literally cannot deal, but truly wish it would’ve happened sooner. So casually I’m cooking dinner, keep in mind,Continue reading “Diary Rant; this retrograde and it’s life lessons!”


My last relationship, became the biggest awakening for me. Spiritually, mentally, and honestly physically. Today, I woke up with a whole new attitude, a whole new demeanor. Today, I’m literally a bomb ass bitch. And it’s not to say that you cannot achieve this, on your own, alone. This is just what for me, literallyContinue reading “AwakeningMyHappy.”