Take with you in 2020 🖤🌹✨

I really have a great life, and I don’t express that enough. I am so grateful for all that I have been able to achieve in this life. The people who are around me, the times I’ve spent loving on myself, growing myself, evolving as a human, as a women, as a spiritual being. TheContinue reading “Take with you in 2020 🖤🌹✨”

after losing 100lbs, I’m learning it’s okay to be sexy.

Tapping into my sexuality, has opened a door for me that I never consciously realized that I closed, and how much that affected me. How confidence allows you to present yourself, in the world. The way that I carried myself in some sexual encounters. The lack of confidence in speaking up for myself, has beenContinue reading “after losing 100lbs, I’m learning it’s okay to be sexy.”

The Art of Letting Go & Living Life to your Fullest Potential.

I am in Hawaii 🤙🏽 One of things you hear often, but can never imagine it to be possible. One of those things you hear often, but can’t seem to understand the concept of letting go of all you have, because at the time, it is all that you have; in your mind. Possession isContinue reading “The Art of Letting Go & Living Life to your Fullest Potential.”

I Am Moving.

I’m moving, there I said. I am freaking moving!! On my last day of work, Saturday morning I woke up and the decision was final. I sent a text message to all of my coworkers and I let them know where I will be going. Also on my last day, I got on the metroContinue reading “I Am Moving.”