Accessibility vs Connection

Something about moving to the middle of no where, in Hawaii to live on a farm & see a polar opposite to the life we live in daily. It’s truly not easy adjusting to something that doesn’t bring as much stillness, you grow to appreciate at some point in life. Time, taking time for yourself is taking time to work on your reality in a present time, to learn, gain, grow, & participate in things that bring you peace & simple joy! A piece of your true self.

I didn’t realize that when moving across the country & deciding to move back. How does one adjust? What is it for? What is the plan? How do you move forward in cohesive balance, when you’re entire life has shifted. You embrace new, you trust yourself, you have confidence that what you’ve worked toward & built isn’t going anywhere. It’s a stepping stone towards betterment.

I learned something new about myself this week, when having a conversation with someone about their child. The way we seem to resonate with one another. We both hopefully got to learn something about ourselves & use it for growth through out this journey. Having conversations with people can create a space of togetherness, it’s something we should be working towards more.

I heard this week that although people are more accessible, we still haven’t found a way to stay connected. It was beautiful. Craving stability starts with being consistent in trusting yourself to love yourself, put you first, know what’s best for you & truly believe the growth you have worked so hard on. Believing it will only allow you to keep it. I guess we all have lessons to learn, and work to put in.


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