Transition is Transcending

 “The process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.”

When does it get easier? Will it always be something we ignore and just get through because we feel as though, we have no choice? Are we always going to be afraid of our emotions? Or lack their of ways to coup with those emotions in a matter we feel capable and confident in our selves enough to know we will come out of another dark tunnel without clarity of being sane, stronger, more confident. Able to look at ourselves in the mirror and feel good about what we see?

Giving up a piece of you that feels so familiar to us when we think about our inner child being proud, is a part of transitioning in my opinion & that shit is hard! When does noticeable needing of growth become something that doesn’t come without doubt in self? When does that part of self love kick in? Wheather It be accepting that you have amazing talents but you won’t forgive yourself for wasting time? Waiting too long to get done, small things because procrastination has become a way of life?

Moving forward with new love sabotage free, because your past still haunts you in ways you couldn’t even begin to explain without breaking down. At what point does getting off the emotional roller coaster that brings turmoil within our minds become more appealing? I like to think that you just do things when you need to but I want to know, when do we do things because it is right for us. Im no stranger to doing a lot of transitioning in my life, and I can say it is always a process. From coming from a single mother, without a father figure, to the horrors of growing up a vulnerable kid in this world.

To overcoming milestones so big yet the ones so small feel just as important. To taking chances, and learning from my mistakes, traveling places I truly never dreamed of. Starting new lives with myself, learning, accepting, loving, trusting myself along the way. Then becoming a business owner, with a successful business that is loved and cherished by so many, not only amongst my own country but 10 others ones as well. Now moving across the country and trying to adjust to a different way of life, a connected way of life.

It’s different. Transitioning can be so beautiful like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, or a little seed turning into a beautiful flower. Even a lotus flourishes in mud. 


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