Are we willingly blinding ourselves from ourselves?

I can’t help but to wonder if the saying “it’s too good to be true“ actually means a situation is too good to be true because your mind is playing out your reality how it wants to perceive it? In the sense of being deliousnal to the truth and allowing the imagation to control every sense of logic we may have because finally a piece of what were looking for is finally fitting the puzzle. I also cannot help but to honestly wonder if the saying came from a place of self sabotage. Receiving all that you ask for at a point in time can be really tricky, yes; but could the hardest part about accepting this be that we don’t actually feel worthy of having it. 

As i sit back and reflect on the life i once lived, waiting for different days, different routines, different dreams, hoping to reach different goals. I compare the life i dreamed of, to the life i have been able to attain, but it doesnt  seems to be enough. Will any of it ever be enough to move forward without desires that feel out of grasp? Or is that just apart of life and the growth we are meant to overcome to learn more about ourselves and what we truly want in this lifetime. Ive learned through the years that you only know as much as you know, and although its been one of the best things for me to personally accept because it has in fact helped me feel freedom enough to explore avenues i never would’ve imagined that i would; it also leaves me stuck after the high of the new advanture has ended feeling as though whats next?

Is it a part of living in the moment? What happens when the moment is over and you feel as though you’ve missed the train? What happens when you look back and don’t give yourself enough praise? Outside of taking away visible greatness and achievement from yourself, does that actually cause you to pause until you learn to do so? These unanswered questions keep me up at night, and i wonder if they keep you up too?


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