Take with you in 2020 🖤🌹✨

I really have a great life, and I don’t express that enough. I am so grateful for all that I have been able to achieve in this life. The people who are around me, the times I’ve spent loving on myself, growing myself, evolving as a human, as a women, as a spiritual being. The way I’ve been able to change my view on life & make the best of anything that comes my way is a gift in it self. I am grateful for all but most importantly I am grateful for me. I’ve seen days people wouldn’t wish on another but I’ve also seen days people dream of. My glass is always half full, because something is always in it and I use it for what I need in that moment. I can go on and on, the one thing I want everyone to accept from this day on.

Let go. Allow room for more, more growth, more perspective, more vision, more empathy, more vulnerability, more laughter, more forgiveness, more self acknowledgement, more forgiveness and most importantly more self love. Give your life room to flourish, what you have is not all that you will have. Let go of the things that no longer serve your END GOAL, that’s the main goal.

Fear nothing, Acknowledge, & Accept.
You cannot change things that will happen, you cannot go back in time and change things that have happened. You can only control every moment that you are present in, remember that. Why are you reliving your past trauma, past hurt, past abuse, past rape, past assaults, past hardships, past financial burdens? You’re creating all this negative emotion in your own mind. Your mind is how you view the world, clear up some fog. YOU DESERVE IT. You deserve to be excited for the next thing, understand that life will always test you not on purpose but your self control and your inner peace is how you pass each and every time. YOU’RE ACCOUNTABLE FOR THAT. Live freely, live carelessly, live like a bird in the sky wondering its surroundings. Live logically, live considerately, live respectfully to the things you find give life back to you. LIVE to your standards of happiness, only.

Forgive and move on. Forgiveness isn’t saying the person was correct, the situation was deserved. Forgiveness is telling the inner you that you’re sorry they had to experience that situation because you understand that you cannot control anything outside of you, you can only control what you accept from that day forth. And now with that experience you’ve grown a new sense of I got you, to you. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you’re in acceptance of a incorrect situation forgiveness is accepting that you cannot change what happened but you can change what is about to happen. Promise yourself to hold yourself to a higher standard, because you’ve learned something from everything you’ve ever had to over come. Move different, get different. 🖤

Lastly, honestly just love. Fuck the bullshit, keep it pushing and just love. Your heart doesn’t deserve the burden of your mind holding on to things you cannot control or change. Stop torturing yourself, acknowledge and work towards positive logical solution toward happiness again. Be happy or walk away. Walk out of hell and welcome to heaven on earth. 🖤✨🖤
You are the universe, as a creator.
Make your art.

Raven-Lewis. 🌹

Enjoy nature more, feed your soul honey.

One thought on “Take with you in 2020 🖤🌹✨

  1. Wow, that is truly inspirational that is really beautiful thanks for sharing that it was really helpful!!!:)


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