Raven-Lewis: The Year of True Freedom. ✨🥂

2020 The Year, of True Freedom.

I didn’t feel the way I thought I’d feel when the new year hit. The way that i imagined it, was way behind the actual opposite of what I saw happening for me. After such a big year of change for who I am as a person, a women, a creator or, a family member & friend. I didn’t see the physical result in front of me, in celebration. 

It finally hit me, what I knew all along, I just wasn’t aware that it was my turn to see that everyone has their own reality, so perception is based off of that persons experience with life. And that, I could never take personal, as that has nothing to do with me, so it shouldn’t affect me in any way.

I’m more open, so I’m more receptive. It’s a beautiful thing seeing other people happy, when you’re actually happy. And I’ve found that I shut down, when people are unhappy. 

I’ve grown this habit to block that energy, out completely in my reality; protecting myself from allowing me to get to the point of shutting down. 

The day went on, the new year came and still I wasn’t physically experiencing that big moment. I’m cleaning up my room, after connecting back spiritually and some how end up finding my planner from 2019. Seeing this, I was excited, I thought it was something else I had been looking for. Little did I know, it was exactly what I needed.

 It was a reminder that the celebration is all in me, reflecting on the way I began one of the best years of my life; was a reflection enough on how I am literally physically experiencing the damn celebration. 

I’m excited to start sharing my happy moments with the people I love, and being more free without the fear of being hurt in any way. That has really held me back for years, but this baby!! It’s a new year!!!!!! HAPPY FUCKING YEAR!!!!! This is it! So living my life only counts, if I live out loud; welcome Raven-Lewis. 


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