Food for thought: open marriage, cuckold, polygamy

So the conversation came up, as some guy asked me if I was straight or bi. Being me, I responded, “what exactly does that have to do with you?” I had a whole attitude already, being on guard. For some reason, the more free I find myself, the more I realize how possessive men are when they feel entitled to you, and for no reason might I add.

 Anyways, he responded, “a lot of bi people don’t want marriage or children.” I literally was like “damn is that what people think about bisexuals?” He pretty much said, that has been his experiences, which honestly I couldn’t even take away from him. As a bisexual myself, I can say I’ve dated women in Highschool, but after I had to break up with my girlfriend at the time, because she was pissed that I called her at 12:05 instead 12 on the dot for her birthday; even bough I set a fucking alarm. I just never dated another women after that. 

I also starting thinking about possibly wanting children, at the time,I couldn’t see that with a women. Which made me think about my view on my sexually being muted because I didn’t see such a life being possible. That’s a whole different conversation in itself I think should be had but anyways! 

I don’t think people realize that, you can be with one gender at a time, i did for years, I married a man. Although that didn’t work out, and everyone’s experience is different! I didn’t realize how closed minded, I myself was. 

So, as the conversation goes on, I literally became so intrigued!!!! He asked me, “since you’re so free spirited would you get married to one guy if you are free to date?” Now I’m clutching on to my pearls. He goes “would you force yourself to be with one person?” He then lead to tell me that he was dating a girl and didn’t mind her stepping out, as long as she was happy, and they were happy; she just didn’t want to get married or have kids. 

The conversation went on with me asking a thousand questions about how would he expect to have children, and be happy together, etc all the questions you have lol I had! THEN, hold on tight because he randomly low key was like, “ well I do have a little cuckold fetish” i googled that shit so fast! 

NOW THE REAL QUESTIONS BEGAN! And as he answered all my questions, I started to think like wow, what if I have just been closed minded my entire life to what would be ideal for me, instead i was unknowingly molding myself to meant the idealist reality of others; that literally has nothing to do with me because my life is mine. 

Now tmi, but I know I am not the only women who has had some crazy ass fantasies that seemed unrealistic for one way or another. That got me thinking, why wouldn’t you want to be with someone who would accept your journey for your own. 

At this point in my life, im learning so much about me. All I want in this life is to be a mother and have a family with a man who is happy with himself, his life, who he is and I the same. We come together and love each other for who we are, not changing but loving another human on their journey in life. That’s when I started realizing that we praise one man and one women, so much that so many people are sexually miserable, emotionally miserable and etc. along with a bunch of other shit. 

I’m not 100% set on how I feel about this just yet, but I can say the Dora the explorer in me has awoken! I never would’ve been this open minded before but I am so intrigued and really thought I should share Incase anyone feels this way in one way or another. 

The dude literally just wants a normal family life, works life, balance and honestly. It’s weird and different but eye opening and interesting. Conversations with strangers are always the one to pay attention to. You speak more freely when you feel free of others standards. 

I’ve only ever dated guys that felt the need to be passive aggressive with possessiveness, that has always scared me, so this is interesting. Who says you can’t live in your fantasies with someone who wants to live in them with you? 🤔 food for thought! Have a beautiful day. 

2 thoughts on “Food for thought: open marriage, cuckold, polygamy

  1. Ok that was deep. I, like you never thought about people being unhappy in a marriage. We do just praise 1 woman and 1 man, but never think about what that thought is costing them.🤔🤔


  2. Cuckolding is hot. The fetish can be extreme (in fantasies). In reality though (and I have experienced it) it is fantastic. The key aspects many miss in the fantasy but you already picked up on is that the couple is in love and is emotionally committed to one another. The rest is just hot fun. Also, as a man that loves cuckolding, when my lover is with another man, it makes me even hotter for her.


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