the daily war within self; is one that needs to be acknowledged.

The only war we’re truly ever in, is the one of the mind. Not including what black men and women have to encounter in this world, that’s a total different conversation. This conversation is one about the wars we face daily, within our minds causing us to pause. Pause when we have the best ideas, pause when we find that we’re smiling to much, pause when we realize that we’re just enjoy life too fucking much! Why? Welp! I’ve come to realize that, I was the one doing it to myself.

I’ve come to acknowledge that anything I’ve come to face on this earth, truly is because either, it was meant to shape me, I allowed it, or I stood at war within my own mind, it was all in my head. How I viewed it. How you perceive life, is exactly how you will receive life. The way you look at things, the way you see things, the way you value things, the way you think, the way you hear yourself in your mind, thinking out loud, yet we manage not to mutter out loud.

That’s you, you’re in control of this ride. Can you stop certain things from happening? Sometimes you’d hope, I’d hope. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, and people are put in horrible situations. All we have is what we do after, how we think after, what we think of ourselves after, how we view the situation entirely. If you bleed victim, you become a victim. Just as, you are what you eat, you live how you think. So fix that shit, and alter this life into the most amazing beautiful fulfilling life you could ever live. Why not?


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