June 25th 2019

to my husband to be in 6 days.

we’re so close

but we’re far from the end

you bring a different kind of joy

a different type of hope

a different type of love and look on this life

you take me for everything that I am

every part

every past

and every phase

you support my dreams and ideas

like no one has


family or friends

you are my best friend

you are the laugh that explodes in my ears

the smile that rises like the sunrise

the eyes that can travel through my soul

and the touch I wait for

you’re a king

and everyday you teach and treat me like a queen

– i do

R.L Mason love

June 19th 2017

I spent some of this day trying to force myself to be sad, since today is my two year wedding anniversary and I’ve been separated from my husband, for over a year. Aside from the fact that i would’ve loved to have been divorced by now, I’m crazy for thinking I’m supposed to be sad. My husband walking out on me, was the best thing that could’ve happened to me. I truly took something, and created a rebirth within myself so powerful, that I’m still shocked.

From now on, divorced or not, I’ll forever celebrate June 25th as the day that was meant to start my path through a healing so powerful, I had to forgive myself. In order for me to realize instead of, “ why, why me? Why did this happen “ I had to actually say to myself, “it happened, because you allowed it.” Did you deserve it? Absolutely not, no one does.

I also had to had a conversation with self and ask myself, “ why are you so damaged that you allow less than you deserve? Why are you so damaged that you’re afraid someone is going to leave, so you settle? Why don’t you think you’re good enough to fight for? Why the fuck do you continue to allow such behavior from people you give love too?” Why are you allowing for people to take and drain you, and never give anything in return?”

I needed to heal myself, I needed to heal that little girl that was hurt, I married my dad ( not literally but literally ) I truly married someone that was exactly like my dad. Daddy issues on another level, but I needed to acknowledge and accept my reality! I took that and created my own beautiful journey for a year that has changed my entire life. I’ve taken my name to another level, but a Raven I am, and a Raven I will be. Free bird, today I celebrate freedom. Mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual freedom. Happy Anniversary Travis lol

Raven-Lewis. ✨🖤🌹

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