People will do to you, what you allow.

As much as I think of the things that went wrong in my marriage, or with my father, my mother, my self, my family, any relationship I’ve ever had. I’ve come to realize that, I allowed those things to take place in me, sit in my heart, and cause an anger that not many have seen. I sheltered myself, I hide, a freaking lot! I lost every since of me, with every broken heart, every moment of abandonment, all the tears, all the names. I lost myself, and I truly had no idea, that I was living in my own sense of hell.

I was alone, even when I wasn’t alone, I was always alone. I was alone inside, and I didn’t remember her, but now I see her everyday, I huge her everyday, I tell her she’s beautiful everyday, I cheer her own, we have our moments but accepting myself for who I am has been one of the most beautiful moments of my life. I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for self, I’ve turned myself around, I’ve found the ground, I’m grounded, I’m found.

And now my journey in finding the perfect reality for me, is even more beautiful. I am truly a goddess, and I no longer, am missing anything because it was and always will be within me. I no longer accept less than, what I give, because I’m not going to half ass anything I do, just to meet someone else’s standards, I just don’t need to be apart of that.

Anything negative that can alter the amount of happiness, you’ve grown to love, drop it. It’s not worth it, life is about making your reality perfect for you, no expectation, trust in self and self awareness. Praise the most high, for my newest awakening and allowing me to trust in my own energy to be such a fucking goddess. The universe can only be on your side, if you are. ( you are the universe, believe it, you’ll see. )

Raven-Lewis. ✨🌹🖤

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