Walking away, from stability.

One of my first days at blow dry, in the photo above.

Holy fucking shit, in July I will be unemployed. I put my two months in, and honestly I’ve never been more scared of the fact, that I’m not scared, or worried. I truly, for the first time, I just don’t care about what is going to happen, I’m just excited to see what I make of myself. I’m excited to see what I do with my new found freedom.

Being that my apartment already got broken into, I paid off all my debt ( almost ) lol, I no longer have anything tying me to one place, because I lost everything, and now am giving up the only stable thing I had. BUT honestly, no matter what happens, it was meant to happen and I will be all the more amazing.

I believe that’s the most beautiful part, walking into a journey with no expectations, just willing and knowing that you are ready for the next step in growth, in life. I can’t believe I’m walking away from my comfort blanket, my career, literally. I’ve been at the same salon, for 5 years, my first job outside of beauty school, and I remember it like yesterday.

I was in beauty school in Fairfield, straight out of high school, riding in the car with a couple of my friends, on our way to shake shack. I’ve never been, so it was all new to me, next thing I know we’re getting off exit 19, driving down the post road, and I see it, “ blow dry “, and I see a couple of girls doing hair through the window. As I’m sitting in the car with my friends I said, “ I’m gonna work there one day”, little did I know, I was right.

A long career of being a hair stylist, was great, but honestly the best part was my family. I grew a family at blow dry, I grew up with those girls, the ones that have come, and the ones that have gone as well. Not to mention, my clients!!! Oh, my lovely ladies, I love every single one of you!

And to think it all start with this girl with bright orange hair from Harlem, who moved to Bridgeport, went to school in Fairfield, and worked in Southport and Westport for 5 years. From doing fashion shows, and charity events, to doing photography, and social media, doing magazine ADs for Westport magazine, and being apart of so many amazing community events. The opportunities that I’ve had in life, have definitely been amazing, and truly not something everyone gets to receive.

I became a women within the last 5 years and I am so grateful, I had every single person around me, that was there to see, any stage of my life. From having my first bank account, to my first studio apartment, to then getting my two bed room, then getting married, then losing everything to becoming this vegan bad ass, who’s ready to take on the world.

I am not sad to be taking on a new journey, but I am sad that I have to say goodbye to so many people, that have been apart of my routine, my life, daily, weekly, etc. for such a long time. I’ll be off shedding out of my cocoon becoming the butterfly I was always meant to be, and you never know what happens, we just know life is great.

p.s thank you to september sirico, the owner of blow dry southport|westport, where I have spent 5 years of my life!! thank you for allowing me to grow, dude, the bad and the ugly! And boy I know it got ugly september, through my worst you never gave up on me, and I truly thank you and love you for that because you gave me the only stable thing i have ever had, which gave me loving people, supportive people, also allowed me space to heal, and grow, and become this amazing person. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! ( I know you hate caps lol )

Raven-Lewis. ✨🌹🖤

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