Be easy, on you.

I’ve been so hard on myself that I’ve forgotten to be proud of myself. I’ve been so caught up on the fact that I already achieved something, not taking the time to realize that, it’s okay to step back and achieve differently. With practice comes the opportunity to smarten-up and to learn more, so I’m finally acknowledging that I need to take a step back and that’s okay. I’ve come along way from the girl I used to be and became the women I am today.

One of those many things is tied to my eating of course, the vegan, plant based life style. For a couple months I’ve been trying achieve the raw lifestyle, because I achieved it before. The one thing that’s been holding me back, is lack of self acknowledgement, I always downplay how hard this journey has been. The self discipline, self control, mind over matter, is actually extremely hard, and I haven’t been able to fully reach my limit of where I’ve been, because I haven’t empowered myself.

I am empowering myself, I am acknowledging that I haven’t been rooting for me, in the sense of understand my fucking power as a mother fucking goddess. The ability to do a juice detox for 8-9 days on only solely red seeded grapes, and eat raw for weeks after that, was the greatest experience I could’ve given myself. I felt as light as a feather, full of light and energy, the happiness was bursting out of me.

Eating raw, being a fruitarian is my life goal within the eating realm. I’m just getting to a place of understanding, and knowing that timing is everything, and sometimes the time isn’t exactly when you want it to be. So I’m not hard on myself, I have a drink or two, a meal or two that I shouldn’t have. I can be okay with that, because I understand that trying isn’t just failing and giving up. Trying is waking everyday with that goal in mind, and understanding that even with today, you will always try tomorrow. Growth is okay and that’s Some self love for ya!!! 💕

Raven-Lewis. ✨🌹🖤

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