Separating my reality, from the reality of others, for my mental health plus more.

The beauty of a goddess, only shows when she’s knows. For a long time, I knew I had cute features, but it was all hidden behind fat. Fat that I like to think of as, swollen-ness, is that even a word? Lol anyways!!! I was swollen for years, and for years it kept getting worse!Continue reading “Separating my reality, from the reality of others, for my mental health plus more.”

Walking away, from stability.

One of my first days at blow dry, in the photo above. Holy fucking shit, in July I will be unemployed. I put my two months in, and honestly I’ve never been more scared of the fact, that I’m not scared, or worried. I truly, for the first time, I just don’t care about whatContinue reading “Walking away, from stability.”

Be easy, on you.

I’ve been so hard on myself that I’ve forgotten to be proud of myself. I’ve been so caught up on the fact that I already achieved something, not taking the time to realize that, it’s okay to step back and achieve differently. With practice comes the opportunity to smarten-up and to learn more, so I’mContinue reading “Be easy, on you.”

Boost you bitch, Podcast

Don’t forget to check out my latest podcast, full of positive affirmations, my first spoken word on podcast, and so much more!–you-bitch-e3vqu9