It’s been a long time coming…

one of the things I’ve changed, is reading. Less TV more reading, non-fiction, read for purpose, read for knowledge, read for growth. I read for me.

Wow. Life has been amazing, life has been full of love, gratitude, awareness, acknowledgment, truth, self love, self value, self worth, and a sense of power that makes me feel like a goddess. I like to think that if I feel it, I am it.

Welcome back to my world. I’ve been gone for a little while, while I am not sorry for not being around, I’m sorry you couldn’t hear about it. How else can I start this, besides just saying, I CHANGED MY FUCKING LIFE. I’ve never been happier in life, in love with life, and in love, and in acceptance of myself.

Twenty four, was one of the hardest times of my life, and half way through it, I decided that I deserved better from myself. Unknowingly, as I sit here and cry tears of joy, I cured myself of anything I felt was missing, by lookin into me. I spent so much of my life, searching for all the things I didn’t have, and instead of looking to myself for happiness and fulfillment, I just searched and searched for people. I settled for people, I allowed people to treat me any kind of way, because at least I was being treated, right? I didn’t love myself, I simply didn’t know my purpose, I didn’t think I had one. I didn’t realize that everyone has a purpose.

I realized, you just have to learn to speak to yourself, silence your mind, and listen to yourself. The first time, I really spoke to myself with awareness, I was on the verge of suicide. While on the edge, while at my end, while at the very last moment I wanted to have, I said to myself “ I know this girl, I don’t want to be this girl, I’ve felt like this girl before, I’ve been here before, always differently, but I always end up here. Why? “ I then became honest with myself.

Healing Spiritually, took me healing mentally. Healing mentally took me healing emotionally. Healing emotionally, took me healing physically. All four things for me, had to happen around the same time, it was a trickle effect. I made the effort everyday, and everyday effort became life, and life became easier, life became life, and I was accepting of it. I just took responsibility for myself, and that’s all I had to do. I’m so excited to be back, and to share my truth, hoping it will help you.

Raven-Lewis. ✨🌹🖤

I’m back bitches. ☺️

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