You’re not alone in this hiccup. #samesis

Truthfully, these past couple of days, maybe a week or so! I have been so triggered by so many things, and I’m starting to realize that, in healing and accepting, sometimes you miss a step. I say that because, these things haven’t bothered me in a while and talking about certain things, hasn’t triggered me like it used to. All of a sudden, it’s like taking hit after hit! Emotionally I’m so drained right now, that everyday I literally just want to stop, give in, go back to the old me, because it was easier to just let time pass me by. Even in all that, I literally still keep going, because I know where that road leads me, I know I won’t be happy, and the feeling of happiness that I have grown within myself, has been to joyful for me to let it go. For me to let that die, would be letting all the love I have for me, die with it, that’s a part of self love, is not giving up on YOURSELF. That’s not to say, don’t stop and think and deal, but it’s never give up the drive you have displayed without issue because that is truly you at your happiest, and we must remember that, it’s a part of taking care of ourselves, it’s apart of life. Hard work never ends, how you deal with it just changes, stay conscious in everything you do, stay present, and stay focused on the end goal.

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