January 3rd 2019: Life Lesson

I’ve been planning today for some time now, so I’m very present when it comes to this. This morning was one of those mornings that goes down in the books, that’s for sure. Anxiously waiting for today, I stayed up a little late last night, so I didn’t wake up at 6:45am like I planned. I woke up at 7:40am instead, was disappointed in myself, acknowledged it and I then went on to do the rest of the things on my todo list, I wrote last night for today.

Made my smoothie for my mother and I. Wrote for my blog, got ready for this meeting I’ve been waiting for. One that I might say, is apart of my future plans, so I am excited because I get to either move forward with it, and or get the opportunity right away to switch things up and make life work for me. So anyways, I’m in the bathroom, and I just felt like looking at myself as I was fixing my hair. Put it up, looked in the mirror like yes girl, mm grab the hoops!!!!!!!!!

Put that liquid highlighter on, since I don’t wear makeup! So I put eyebrow gel on my plain brows, grabbed my calmex, switched between two pair of glasses. And my damn Lyft was downstairs so now I’m rushing but, calmly rushing! Grabbing my gym bag, making sure I had my planner and note pad. Slide my slippers on after my socks! Grab my sneakers and put them in my gym bag! Grabbed all my things my purse, phone, smoothie! Ran downstairs and grabbed my gym shoes.

As I opened the back door to leave, I smiled to my future, because this moment just felt so right. It was so me, but as an adult. It was so perfect. I was pretty present in that moment and no matter how this meeting goes, I made that effort. Real effort, and I now know, I will always and can always put my best foot forward, without knowing what’s on the other side. Life lessons are beautiful, and some of them come from the simplest things in life.

Raven-Lewis. 🖤🌹

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