being purposely PETTY, is for those who don’t know their worth.

” petty pose but not on purpose ”

I’ve found peace, in not being purposely petty. Not purposely, because I am who I am, that won’t change. I love myself to much now to allow, someone else’s actions, emotions, burdens, and everything else we come with, make my life difficult. To allow a person, a moment in time, to take over your energy from being flourishing (hopefully) to a destructive state, is only hurting you, and definitely for longer than it needs to. You get what you give in life, that come for energy as well.

Knowing my worth has now put me in the position in life, to know my worth and every single thing I bring to the fucking table. No matter the relationship, I’m gonna better your life in one way or another, which really that’s how it should be anyways! A lot of people only take what you can give, they will allow you to pour into them, and never lift a finger to reach and pour back into you. The fucking nerve huh? I mean yeah, but you’re allowing it so, who’s not sticking around for free handouts?

I stand tall in knowing, I don’t lose, I’m a lost. I stand in this because I know for a fact, you’re gonna feel the difference, you’ll feel the affects, you’ll miss me more than I’ll ever miss you. You’re losing more than I ever will again, because all you did was take, and never give, so what did I really lose? Think about it, and work on self preservation daily, self love, self acceptance, will change your life. The way you use your mind, is the way your life will come forth. Want better, think better, you’ll do better, and be better.

So, I don’t do petty things purposely anymore. I don’t feel the need to, because knowing the loss you’ll feel, I think that’s enough karma in life. And no sweat off my back. Allow for peoples own karma, to come back to them. Move forward with your life, and learn to grow everyday, within self. Change your life, because only you can. Its no “perfect” life, life is what you want it to be, what makes you happy, what you want to see and say you’ve had before you die. Figure out and work towards it! Grow in light.

Raven-Lewis. 🖤🌹

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