No discouragement in Healing.

” my bad days, are my better days. ” – Wanda Diaz ( my mom )

Healing is practiced everyday. Self healing. Emotional healing. Physical healing. Mental healing. Spiritual healing. Trauma healing. Hella healing. I had to learn that just because I focus one type of a healing, on a day, doesn’t mean I’m taking steps back. Staying present is healing in it self. I find that I’m hard on myself, when I planned a day out, and I miss a couple things, I get upset with myself.

I embrace the emotion, confront it, accept it, and I let it go. I always remember that to go from, going to sleep 11-3am, to waking up at 7am or 2pm. I changed myself in it self, and everyday that I go to sleep early and waking up early, is growth. I’ve now created more time for myself to actually do things, even sometimes I have to much time, I feel. Consciously making decisions toward changing my life, will always be key. Being a work in progress, is all you can focus on being, never stop working.

Focusing on one thing one day, or getting trapped in day two, means absolutely nothing compared to the days you still have to go. Stop being scared of time because ultimately, you’re making yourself fear death. Honestly how I feel about it is, we’re gonna die anyways, I’m more scared of not living how I want before that happens. Focus on the now, stay present, enjoy more moments, share more appreciation.

Raven-Lewis. 🖤🌹

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