December 10th 2018

Although this is super random, I really want to talk about this, so here we go! So when are we all gonna stop pretending, to all have our shit together? Like it’s not okay to struggle? Fall off, get lost, being fucking damaged? No matter the age, a lot of us are unhealed broken kids. Time got ahead of us, and WE never solved things.

Is it ever gonna be okay for men and women to love each other, even if when we’re damaged? Are we done ignoring the fact that no matter who you are, and where we are in life, we all just want love? Love is life? And to have life you must live, you can’t live a you, you don’t love! Can we get into self-love?

Can we finally admit that the ability to love ourselves comes from one common denominator? Accepting who we are and knowing that you’re worth it. Now a damaged kid, no matter how big or how small, something happens and that moments created a ripple affect. That small moment makes you question yourself!

Is mom gonna get mad with me, because she doesn’t like the way I? Is daddy gonna walk away if i express myself too much? I won’t ask to many questions because I’ll get in trouble. No one wants to hear me to I’ll sit in bed. I’ll get rest when everyone’s gone, it’s okay if I miss a day or too.

Every action has a reaction? I mean sure if you think the world revolves around you, and people aren’t aloud to be themselves because it’s not what you want, deserve, feel for and or just don’t want to deal with. It’s how you react to people, it’s how they reacted to us, that made us question things twice the next time. Second guess, doubt, lose confidence, lose self worth.

That’s how we forget being us, because we’re too focused on being what will make them happy. Who makes us happy? When do we ever get half the amount of love? Affection? Consideration? I had to learn that I needed to tap into that little girl in the corner of my brain, and tell her it’s okay to come out of the shadow.

She came out, we talked, I mean really talked and got down to the bottom of the problem, the root. I accepted that the past already happened, and I can only focus on the present because like yesterday, tomorrow will always come, until the end. Stop wasting time on what happened and focus on what’s happening. Focus on a better tomorrow, and stay present on the way.

Raven-Lewis. 🖤🌹

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