December 9th 2018

I’m sitting in this long ass Uber ride, on my way to work! Thinking I’ve been in the car for freaking ever!!! And I do, since moving to my moms sets me back a couple exits. I realized today that I woke up with a whole new attitude. The one I’ve been waiting for, now the job is to keep her. I love you, you sassy bitch.

Learning to love yourself, is actually accepting who you failed to see. I notice that me, playing into myself and being aware and actually liking the way I am ( extra as fuck ) no one is ever surprised!!! And it makes me laugh so much but it makes me appreciate the people I’ve had around me this whole time.

Now I’m on my way to work, more happy than I was yesterday, and to me that’s an amazing thing. It’s funny how your world can just change when you realize, you’ve had control the whole time, but you never knew you even had it. I wish people spoke about this more, and taught this more seriously.

We need to learn to live before we actually are let out to live these adult lives, when we haven’t even connected to ourselves in a long time. I’m happy, and know that December is a time for growth, and acknowledgment.

Raven-Lewis. 🖤🌹

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