December 4th 2018

December 4th 2018

Growing Confidence.

Confidence. What even is confidence? It took me a while to even understand what it was to have confidence. I slowly learned that, it wasn’t about feeling beautiful physically. It was about acknowledging who I am and what I’ve done for myself. Then I started to see myself different in the mirror, and eventually I started working on my physical.

One day I just started listing why losing me would be a lost, and to be honest I blew myself away. And I started looking in the mirror, like “ yes bitch, you. “. Once I appreciated the fact that although life has not been easy, I’ve handled a lot of situations with grace. Even though I became guard, I still loved. I still cared, I was still genuine, and I was still real.

I was me, and I never appreciated myself as much as I should’ve. And once I realized it, I was instantly happy. Every happy emotion I was looking for, was never going to be found because I never looked to myself. I love myself, because of how I managed to still get to where I am and to have done as much as I have. I’ve always down played my own accomplishments.

Now I’m not gonna brag, so I will say, I look at myself in the mirror and I’ve never seen myself so clear. I loved all I could, until I realized that my health was important and I need to love myself enough to change myself. And my life has changed, and it will continue too! Hope to see you guys down the road in this crazy ass life.

Raven-Lewis. 🌹🖤

June 26 2018 was the day after my one year anniversary. My marriage didn’t even make it to the one year mark. My life changed shortly after. Like they say ” it’s not what happens to you, it’s what you do with it.” Or something like that! Lol bye guys 😘

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