December 1st 2018

“25 will be my best year ever.”

Day One.

It’s crazy to say day one since, today is literally December 1st! The last month of this year, shit. Today’s day one of everything I’ve worked and have done for the past four years, literally ended. To be honest, at first that was depressing but to be honest, where the fuck was I going!!!!! My life was not a life, not the life I ever wanted.

And this year, was the last year I guess I was meant to be stuck. All the negative emotions and thoughts and the way that I lived, finally freaking ended! And I cannot be happier. I’ve learned that just because you put time into something, it doesn’t mean you have to spend the rest of your life holding on to it. And just because you’ve been through trauma doesn’t mean you have to stay in it.

I lost everything this year and this month, this last month I am making the fucking best of it. With this new confidence, and this amazing journey of self-love. I couldn’t think of a better way to end this year. Today’s the first day being at my moms house, being her child, since I left.

Today’s the first day that I actually have to get to know my mom and sister, as an adult because I can’t just leave when I don’t want to deal with anything. I’ve gotten used to hiding in my space, and sometimes peeking my head out. Today I finally get to officially jump full force into turning into a lotus. From turtle to lotus bitches, cheers.

Raven-Lewis. 🖤🌹

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