A Letter; to my Uber drivers Westport Girlfriend

Girl, I just want to say to you, I’m pretty sure you’re about to get engaged. I was casually talking with your boyfriend, about it taking him a while to move out of his neighborhood. He saved, invested, etc. He also told me he lived in Westport, now for me Westport is for families. So I naturally asked him if he was married with kids. He said “ no, but I have a girlfriend.” He also said “ he didn’t get married” and my natural response was literally, “ hello, you’re not dead yet.” He laughed and said “ yeah, I’m just waiting to get financially stable.”

First of all, I wanted to slap him for saying that. The first thing that came to mind, is damn why do men always say this? Why are they always so comfortable with not treating, the women who loves them, the way she needs to be treat. Yet are so uncomfortable, about their financial status? I can’t explain, how much that statement bothers me to my pure core. Why aren’t more men brought up, to value their worth? Why aren’t women, making sure their man knows he is more than an income? What is really fucking going on, because I’m tired of it.

So I broke it down real quick, honestly because we were almost at my destination, so I had to be quick I said “ never wait for anything in life, because of money. You can always make more, and you’re always gonna want more. All the money, and goals, and property you have, don’t mean nothing when you’re dying. You’re not gonna be thinking about that, and those things sure won’t be thinking of you. All you will be worried about is your wife laying next to you, and if you didn’t have that, you’re just gonna be wishing you did. You’re family is what makes you live on. All you’ll have is a building with your name in it, and that doesn’t mean shit.

The people who praise you and give life, to you even after death, are the people who loved you.” I’m pretty sure after that, he put his life into perspective. Then I hit him with the, “ and if the women you are with, doesn’t marry you, and move forward, because of money. That’s not the women for you. “ I hit him with the one, two combo, and I’m pretty sure, you’re getting engaged girl, sooner than you thought. I hope. By the way, I left the car, and said “ go get a ring today.” I don’t know him but the little giggle, laugh with love, coming out of him, sounded pretty good to me.



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