Embracing my Latina.🌹

I never felt the saying, “ you become what you’re surrounded by “ something like that, at least. Saturday I went to an art gallery, while doing a Photoshoot and was told about fun little things to do in the area when it came to art. Now this gallery was simple, didn’t have much art, didn’t have art that was mind blowing.

Until I saw these paintings. Now these painting spoke to me, and made me want to connect with a culture, that I left behind, back when I distanced myself from my family. These paintings made me want to embrace that spicy Latina within, that just wants to move her body to every rhythm, even the one she can’t keep. Oh. It made me want to go home and blast my Latin playlist, and speak Spanish, and enjoy my life in ways that I have been missing, for way too long.

Those painting, they made me want to embrace all my beautiful features and this body honey. Now, yes I have insecurities, and flaws that for me, aren’t for me. There’s so many women that can make the best of their body’s, even though they aren’t ideal. For a long time I couldn’t do that, and always had the mind set of “ when I lose it, ima be bomb “.

After that connection, I’ve felt impelled to be bomb now, during and after my progression of reaching my ideal body goals. This is just another step into myself live journey, but I am already loving the progress. So I am surrounding myself around the things I want, especially in social media. Social media is such a huge deal for our day to day lives, and I’ll probably get into that a little more. So stay tuned and follow your dreams. Follow your truth, and surround yourself with the things, you want for yourself.



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