Welcome to Raven-Lewis.com

7FB3B3D6-F9FB-46FE-983B-591008CD12F5If you haven’t guessed by now, I am Raven-Lewis.

I am a 25 year old, libra, plant based, afro Latina, spiritual goddess, poet, writer, spoken word artist, and author, that has transformed my life. I went from being the little girl with mommy & daddy issues, who walked on earth with those burdens, to the women who found her true self.  In this blog you’ll see me doing everything in my power to be the best role model for myself, my future children, and any other damaged kid that needs to see a reflection of themselves within me to know all is achievable, as long as you’re ready to put the work in. Expect to see post the might trigger you, as I do not hold back and write with pure raw emotions. Some of the topics you will come across on Raven-Lewis.com are , mother daughter issues, daddy issues, pedophilia, childhood trauma, depression, anxiety, obesity,  rape, love, lost, abortion, marriage, separation, plant based life style, weightless, body dysmorphic disorder, personal development, healing, growth within self love, confidence, energy, as well as losing everything, etc. Overall you’ll see the cards that I was dealt and how I finally shuffled them and overcame anything negative and made it a positive past experience so I can be the Goddess of a Women that I am today.

Welcome to the Life of Raven-Lewis, I hope you can take what you need, pass on what someone else might, and live the most magical life you have to offer yourself.

p.s feel free to reach to me if you need an ear, I will always be here.